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Helpful links for a range of brainfriendly topics

Christine Ward's brainfriendly ideas link happily with those of a number of international writers and speakers. Some of these experts use different terminology.

Originally the term 'accelerated learning' was used in the UK by Colin Rose as he searched out, analysed and wrote about fast effective learning methods. Eric Jensen, in the USA, uses 'brain-compatible teaching and learning' as he filters neuroscience research and develops practical strategies for successful teaching and learning. Rita and Kenneth Dunn researched new methods of teaching and learning to develop 'learning styles' theory and practice. New Zealander Gordon Dryden used 'the learning revolution' as the title of the book he wrote with Jeanette Vos. This book became the world's best seller when it was the first one to be advertised on Chinese TV.

Other writers and speakers have started with one aspect of the broad 'brainfriendly' topic and sometimes expanded into more general considerations: Sandy McGregor (relaxation techniques for rapid learning), Tony Buzan (mind mapping), Paul Dennison (Brain Gym), Barbara Prashnig (Learning Styles). Learning Styles: Dunn & Dunn Model - For basics from originators of learning styles research
Learning Styles Homepage - For theory, practice, surveys for all ages - Go to 'learning styles' for information and on-line surveys
VARK - a guide to learning styles - Online questionnaires for students

Accelerated Learning methods: - There is a big list of links on the home page

Brain Gym: - For ordering Paul Dennison's books
BrainGym Australia - For information, courses, and books

Mindmapping: - For Tony Buzan's methods - To get mindmapping software

Student study techniques: studentstepstosuccess - For Sandy McGregor's strategies

Music resources: - Info on multiple intelligences and Mozart effect - To order music for study and classroom

Books for brainfriendly teachers:

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