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What is brainfitness?

Do you sometimes feel like you can quickly and easily do anything you want?
But sometimes you can't because you are confused, scratchy, unproductive?

What causes these different moods and abilities?
The answer is in the condition of your brain!

And ... neuroscientists tell us that the condition of your mental condition is closely related to your physical and emotional condition. Your brain, that most incredible and complicated piece of equipment did not come with a user's manual. But now, more and more information is available for everyone. We can all make better use of our brains! And the first step is to get (and keep) our brains in good condition.

Brainfitness is when you are in good condition for thinking, working, planning, learning, recalling easily and naturally.

Even small children know how to prepare for sporting activities. But when I ask them how they prepare for classwork or homework they look at me strangely! Often parents and teachers, also, don't know how learning behaviour is so strongly affected by body/brain condition.

Neuroscientists tell us that all human brains are naturally brilliant, but only when conditions are suitable for them.

Christine Ward has filtered neuroscience research to develop recipes for brainfitness. These are noticeably similar to well-known requirements for physical, mental and emotional health. The great thing about brainfitness is that anyone can improve their status immediately with a few simple strategies such as:
  • Drinking some plain warm water
  • Using some tension-release movements
  • Hearing some slow-beat instrumental music
  • Smiling, laughing or singing
  • Using positive thinking affirmations
Other brainfitness strategies take a little longer to set up: good nutrition, daily exercise, creating a helpful work environment .....

Find out more about brainfitness in Christine Ward's books for parents, students and teachers.

Some recipes are published on this website here and here.

Brainfitness is the state in which the brain is working naturally for successful thinking, working and learning.

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